Sticky Notes

The Sticky Notes application allows you to create electronic sticky notes directly on your Windows desktop. The Sticky Notes are just like paper post-it notes for your computer. Jot down tasks, messages, ideas, appointments, phone numbers, birthdays in a note and stick it on the desktop.
A note can be positioned anywhere you wish, or hidden in your task bar, then searched and displayed later. Notes can be resized.

Sticky Note

The note's contents can be formatted to include fonts, colors, transparency and hyperlinks. Once on screen, notes will remain where placed until closed, even through reboots.
Sticky Notes application is small and simple and all notes are kept in the text file. It does not use the registry.

IMPORTANT: Do not use the Sticky Notes to store any sensitive information, it is not secure.

How to install and start using Sticky Notes

Sticky Notes doesn't require any installation procedure or additional files. Just unzip 3 files that you've just downloaded to any folder of your choice. If you install over the previous version back up your notes (through the Options dialog) before as a precaution.
Click on the StickyNotes.exe. Sticky Notes icon will appear in the Windows System Tray (bottom corner to the right of the Windows taskbar).
To start up Sticky Notes every time Windows boots up, add Sticky Notes to your Start-up group. To do this click the button "Create a shortcut in the start-up group" in the Options dialog.
To open a new sticky note, double click on the Sticky Notes icon in the system tray/notification area.
To access the application menu, right click on the Sticky Notes tray icon.
To access the note menu, click on the down arrow in the upper left hand corner.
By default, Sticky Notes will stay on top of other windows as indicated by the pin. To toggle that setting, click on the pin once.
To close a sticky note, click on the small red power button in the upper right hand corner.
Sticky Note saves all your sticky notes in a file, so don't worry if you closed a sticky note accidentally, you can always retrieve a note using the Search window.

System requirements

Windows 2000 / XP / 2003 / Vista / 7


Clean award Reviews on SoftSea Reviews on SoftSea Reviews on SoftSea Sticky Notes antivirus scan report at Software.Informer Editor's pick award editor team:

"Sticky Notes allows you to write down pieces of information on your desktop in an easy and efficient manner. If you are a fan of the classical paper post-it notes, then you will definitely enjoy this simple and reliable piece of software."

New in version 2.4

  • Multilingual support.
  • Unicode support.
  • Category column to the search window. The category column will only be shown in the all notes summary.
  • No more categories dialog. The category list appears immediately when 'Categories' is selected in the menu.
  • Delete a note and an alarm by pressing the 'Delete' key in the Search window.
  • Save a title when the 'enter' key is pressed.
  • Option to open the Search window maximized.
  • Option to disable the note's edit shortcuts (in some languages some of characters can be typed only by combination of Alt+...).
  • Alarm to show at every reboot or application re-start.
  • Save 'To be on top' setting.
  • Enable CTRL-Y, CTRL-G to increase/decrease indent in a note.

New in version 2.3

  • New title bar.
  • Note's viewer in the search window.
  • Launch a user specified application when an alarm goes off.
  • When a note is rolled up it displays its contents in a tooltip when the mouse hovers over a title bar.
  • Indent or unindent a paragraph in a note.
  • Enable CTRL-L, CTRL-E, CTRL-R to align text in a note.
  • Enable CTRL-M to display the note's menu.
  • Enable CTRL-T to force a note to stay on top of other windows.
  • Enable ALT-F4 to close a note.
  • Hide open notes for a specified time period.
  • Open all recent notes with one mouse click.

New in version 2.2

  • Multi-monitor support.
  • Find / replace inside a note.
  • Enable CTRL-K for strikethrough.
  • Alarm can make a sound when it goes off.
  • A search window size and position are saved.
  • Multiple items may be selected in the Search/Alarm list.
  • Insert date and time.

New in version 2.1

  • Windows Vista comparability.
  • Note's priority.
  • Hide a date time stamp.
  • Hide a vertical scroll bar.
  • Modify a title's font and a color.
  • Hotkeys to create a new note, to show all notes, to hide all notes, to show recent notes, to show the search window, to bring all open notes to the front.
  • Title in-place edit.
  • Select a tray icon action.
  • Select a default note's size and a position.
  • Select a single or a double tray menu icon click.
  • Select where a note editing starts - title or text.
  • Automatically backup notes every 30 min.
  • Set the title of new notes to the current date.
  • Make text in a note to be bulleted or numbered.

New in version 2.05

  • New search/alarm manager window.
  • Alarms that can be added to a note to act as reminder.
  • Vista-style "File Save As" and "File Open" dialogs on Windows Vista.
  • Hide/show all notes.
  • Rollup/rolldown all notes.
  • Save rollup state.
  • Notes can be rolled up when arranging.

How to uninstall Sticky Notes

To uninstall Sticky Notes simply delete the StickyNotes.exe, the help file and the data file.

Terms of use

You may not alter, merge, modify, adapt, decompile or disassemble Sticky Notes or create derivative works based upon this software. You may not sell, rent, lease, or sublicense Sticky Notes.

No Warranties

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